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Bike Gears being tuned at Telluride Sports

BIKE SHOP Services

Service Locations 

Telluride Sports at Gondola Plaza is a fully operational Bicycle workshop, offering basic, deluxe, and comprehensive tunes. Telluride Sports at Camels Garden can offer a basic tune and a variety of a la carte services. For more information on pricing for labor and parts on a la carte services, please call 970.728.8944.

male and female bike technicians

Basic Tune – $80

  • Quick rinse + wipe down (no soap). 

  • True wheels

  • Visual inspection on brake pads, braking surfaces, and suspension.

  • Check torque on wheel and stem.

  • Perform adjustments and lubricate as needed.

  • Replacement parts and installation of parts not included.

DELUXE Tune – $115

  • Full bike wash (rinse + wipe down w/soap).

  • Drive train cleaning.

  • True wheels.

  • Check torque on all bolts.

  • Check wear on chain, brake pads, and braking surfaces.

  • Adjust Bearing surfaces as needed.

  • Perform adjustments and lubricate as needed .

  • Installation of Chain, Brake Pads, and/or sealant included.

  • Replacement parts not included; all other installation of parts not included.

Comprehensive Tune – $315

  • Complete breakdown and rebuild of a bicycle.

  • Full bike wash (rinse + wipe down w/soap)

  • Removal and scrub or replacement of drivetrain included.

  • Cleaning and scrubbing of parts frame and wheels.

  • Labor for replacement of suspension and wheel bearings included.

  • Bearings and replacement parts not included.

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